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WarBringer news.

Progress Report

I am pleased to announce that with the exception of minor tweaking, the player’s manual is done. 873 pages later, and we have a major milestone. The WarMonger’s domain is also making significant progress, and if I can keep up … Continue reading

Content Updates

As a reminder, if you have time and want to assist, let Ryan know. Currently underway are many items on the list both in the Manual and in the WarMonger’s Domain. Additionally, if you wanna get play sessions going, get … Continue reading

WarBringer Kids

Just a heads up, a lite version of WarBringer for younger players featuring no sexual content, less violence, no swearing, and more focus on problem solving, NPC interaction and critical thinking is soon to be in testing. We have a … Continue reading

New web site

Well, you may have noticed a new layout for the website… maybe not. Let us know how you like it. Yes, WarBringer lives on.   Yes, games can still be had if enough interest is shown.

Site update

Hello, and thank you for visiting We are back on the net, and things are going splendidly. V’adik the Gray has a standing weekly campaign, and as always, his progress is substantial. A war is brewing, though…. Hopefully all … Continue reading

Need Play-testers!

Attention all play-testers! We are trying to get a campaign going Sunday, March 25th. One-O-clock as usual, @Randy’s. This is a new campaign with race restrictions, so you will have to roll with Randy. Please schedule a time with Randy … Continue reading