Monthly Archives: October 2012

Progress Report

I am pleased to announce that with the exception of minor tweaking, the player’s manual is done. 873 pages later, and we have a major milestone. The WarMonger’s domain is also making significant progress, and if I can keep up … Continue reading

Content Updates

As a reminder, if you have time and want to assist, let Ryan know. Currently underway are many items on the list both in the Manual and in the WarMonger’s Domain. Additionally, if you wanna get play sessions going, get … Continue reading

WarBringer Kids

Just a heads up, a lite version of WarBringer for younger players featuring no sexual content, less violence, no swearing, and more focus on problem solving, NPC interaction and critical thinking is soon to be in testing. We have a … Continue reading

Play-session update

We had our first new campaign in an age last night. Our two player’s characters were sold into slavery in the Westlands and decided after a few days that wasn’t for them and to make a break for it. They … Continue reading